Here are some of our favourite ‘Glow Getter’ reviews. If you have a story to share, email us at hello@vidaglow.com we love hearing from you! Please note product results may vary.

“I’ve noticed a fantastic improvement in my nails, plus my hair is feeling back to its old self again.”

- Caela witherdin

“i noticed after just a few weeks that my skin felt a lot smoother and was much clearer”

- annette kesselring

“I started seeing results with my hair, skin and nails in just 2 weeks! vida glow is a total game changer!”


“i still can’t believe the results i am getting from one tiny sachet a day, my skin looks and feels amazing and my hair is looking thicker!”


“I just wanted to say thank you Vida Glow for providing my skin with nourishment and making me feel better about how my skin looks and feels.”

- yvette sinclair

“I immediately noticed my hair seemed thicker. My hair and nails definitely grow faster while using. It dissolves so quickly and I do not taste anything!”

- Caela witherdin

“My hair looks and feels healthier, my nails are growing faster than ever before and my overall complexion is improving each day feeling healthy and hydrated.”